Tips for buying a used van

By | October 2, 2018

There are many steps you can take to make your purchase a success if you’re thinking about buying a second-hand van. It’s always wise to avoid simply snapping up the first or cheapest van you see, as many drivers have had their fingers burned after doing this and ended up storing up numerous problems to be dealt with later. You should have a strong idea on what kind of van you require. It’s wise to produce a shortlist of around four or five vans that you know will be suitable. Make sure you’ll actually be able to stretch to the tax, insurance and fuel costs as well as the initial price tag. There are many quality used vans in London for sale currently.

Think about your storage needs

You should think about what you’ll need to store in your van and make sure there is enough room for it. However, there is little to be gained by buying a bigger van than you need. Engine size is also an important consideration. A larger engine may be the best option if you’ll be heading out on long drives on the motorway, whilst a small engine should be ideal for city driving. Buying from a dealer rather than a private seller can be a good move as you’ll be protected by the Sale of Goods Act.

Viewing a van

If you don’t have the confidence to go it alone, why not ask a more experienced used van driver to help you? Look at the van in dry and light conditions so faults not pointed out to you cannot be masked and make sure you’re happy with the mileage. Take a good look at the paperwork too to ensure the information printed on it matches up with everything you have been told.

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